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What we do

We are an initiative to support Refugees

  • Initiative members with the status of public benefit in many provinces they attend their local or national associations in the event of assumed duties as a volunteer in this organization.
  • Initiative members, conducted individually or visit the city expressing their gratitude to the Mayor on behalf of their initiative.
  • Asylum by the integration into society of people in the state to accelerate the application and language learning opportunities offered by voluntary organizations or has been striving for more knowledge.
  • Asylum psychological surveys of the internationally recognized the extent of psychological trauma experienced by the person who has applied to be made of scientifically identified, made by our members with expertise in this area and they are shock and trauma to spend the people in terms of preventive treatment is made guidance in order to survive more easily.
  • Our initiative Writing Commission, where our members live in their own country or be put into writing the victimization while in route path is working on behalf of Germany. These articles are shared with the press and media and continues to be shared.
  • Our members to share their experiences of living with grievances is targeted to be reduced to a better understanding and sharing of the pain. Furthermore, it is intended to raise public awareness.
  • Our initiative Law Commission is to make information about the legal process to those asylum seekers. In addition to questions from the German legal system to our e-mail address and the answers are given in the framework of international law.
  • How it was that they would follow a route guidance at a basic level of education they have their diplomas to persons and asylum seekers in their countries of origin after the exercise of their profession and can evaluate how language learning in Germany. Next is planned at the time of the event is aimed to be informative in this regard and shared this information in writing.
  • Difficulties they might encounter while living in the asylum process, asylum seekers and people on the disclosures made solutions.
  • is a part of the living community is planned projects can be done in the name of adaptation and integration into German culture.
  • public institutions and organizations to be shared with the public grievances, civil society organizations, professional chambers and associations were contacted voluntary cooperation with the clipboard.
  • Several activities have been made to increase social motivation.
    • Breakfast Organizations
    • Crafts course for children
    • German conversation course
    • Vocational training seminars (in Germany of teaching, etc.)
  • Asylum application for the purpose of informing those who Thueringen guide booklet has been created.
  •  the victimization studies have been done.
  • Our members gave interviews to media outlets such as newspapers and television describing grievances.
  • Month in a variety of subjects (medicine, psychology, etc.) seminars are held.