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Law Commission is to make the process legal guidance to people about asylum seekers.

This is done in the form of legal guidance in the form of seminars as well as bilateral talks. Also quickly as possible to all the questions which are answered in the e-mail address.

In particular, efforts are made to Dublin Agreement to be able to answer with our members who are sent to another European country started the process of asylum applications rejected in accordance with our members' questions.

Common issues information we provide some questions and answers we do:

Information about the next process from İlti by reference.

Information on the issues to be considered during the Başvur.

to document and inform about the classification of documents Sunul.

Dosya to inform people about the process that resulted in rejection. (Duration and all transactions)

Is there going to be hearing will be İdar in court? When it will be will be? How long it will take? What to ask?

What is the significance of your Avukatı petition he wrote? Is it enough to tell your grievance?

Ek document - do you have the right to share information? Which continues to step up? And what is the significance of that?

What are the things to do after İtiraz?

Ev keep - your right to go to a language course is there really? What are the exceptions? What are the things that can be done against it?

If the negative result came before Mahk do you have the right to appeal again?

Even if we consider  negative is you have to get the session state in a different way? If you should take when you step to it?

Dubl on the application of theoretical knowledge and informed about what was going on.

Should you do something against incoming mail that you Dubl subjected to the process?

When you decide to appeal within 7 days of your Dubl Is it necessary to keep up with the choice of a lawyer?

Did it stop execution while İtiraz claimed should not be mi ?? Is there a benefit-harm?

Dubl which you are subject to the in time for the fall? 2 months - 3 months - 6 months - 18 months for What?

You made your decision and came Dubl appeal. Is there anything you can do?

Çalış on whether it is your right, cuts will be made of how much aid if your income, family reunion from Turkey and other countries are trying to give answers to questions on different topics such as.