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Mar 04, 2018

Primarily, it takes a little longer to process applications to universities in Germany. In Germany, mostly university applications uni-assist online is done through a system called. Uni-assist universities established special tool to reduce the paperwork burden is an institution. universities via uni-assist application fee is 75 € for 3 preferred. 3 extra € 10 fee is required for each choice after choice. Refugees in Germany admitted or refugees who have received a sign people from the University of the international office will apply ( "Akademisches Auslandsamt / Abteilung internationale Studierende") free of charge may apply in a document u where they can get that they want to apply for free the refugees they are and university-assise. ( "Hochschulbescheinigung zur Vorlage bei uni-assist home Each university's admission requirements and documentation section and may vary. So before starting applications people want to read, which decided that in which part of the university. Section if it meets the eligibility requirements is necessary to control the respective university's website. Then apply if the requested documents are not in English or German of these documents must be translated into German or English by a sworn translator. (If German to be translated in the future as well, and pays the jopcent fee. Prior to note notify your request translated into Jopcenter. Because sometimes interpreters of their own agreement and asked to take them. Sometimes they are asked to take the bid price and the price you pay after confirm. For the meantime university applications you do not have to say what you want.) These documents; -identity document (Ausweis) Lise diploma and transcript University degree and transcript -language qualification certificates and exam results (TestDaF / DSH) * In Germany, management, economics, political science, economics, some engineering, international relations .... There is also a section in German as well as English language training that university education but the most part other than the part mentioned above is German and language proficiency for admission score C (1: 1) as is required. However, there are some universities if they provide the language courses and do their part of the application and if all other conditions, not enough students to start college grammar section refers to language courses of the university. Unfortunately, the language courses of all universities are starting from A1. For example; Language courses of the University of Marburg in the mid-2, language course in the beginning of the Giessen University A-1 The language course at the Goethe University in B-1 ... (As a state university in the state of Hesse from north to south in Kassel, Marburg, Giessen, is located in Frankfurt and Darmstadt Universities.) After the translation of the documents mentioned above or notary documents, taking one of the Rathaus is the same as we were in the city s original copy of the translation of documents and the seal must be impinged. Then you enter the main page of the assis-http://www.uni-assist.de/ The recording system must be installed in the system completion and all documents of the application period. Reference to the desired university and department successfully done through separate systems to ensure that you received the application. After the completion of this transaction also received an output that must be signed and must be made online applications mailed to the address in uni-asisst in Berlin together with the approved documents mentioned above. (The above information is written for the University of Giessen we have chosen as a prototype. There are little differences according to which each university. Some universities may ask you to send uni-asisst e uploads documents to itself also via the mail ..) After the application period ends will make the uni-asisst assessment until about a month and then your score will be calculated according to the German grading system. In this case, you will always be notified by mail and e-mail. It also does not have anything concrete at this stage. You'll just wait for you to reach the university you are applying by mail OR e-mail. Future will be entitled to register or you will depend on the answer. NOTE : Giessen currency exchange rate is given as a university language course of six modules prices ranged between 400-450 euros. However, there is a foundation that he knows very DAAD in Germany. This foundation gives students a scholarship covering three dry for refugees. Everyone must pay his three remaining dry. (Jopcent are paying the salaries of university courses.) NOTE : The language course is going to be a student (Student) is not status. It does not carry any identity right about college. Session has no effect. Reason to change the state or municipality does not count. NOTE : The language course completion certificate received C1 which case you can make a direct recording part you get accepted. You can also make or accept applications again from another department. Refer've earned the right to go to the previous and language courses you do not restrict you in any way. NOTE : The above information also applies to the license application. NOTE : for not stipulating the university made directly to him via uni-assist Applicants are required to follow the instructions contained on their websites. As some points of the position of the transportation aspect is very easy Mainz University are examples. NOTE : The above information and more for all universities 'International Office' s you need to communicate with. Even the application and after (including scholarships) so it is not possible without being in contact with this office. Especially as a good example to get the language courses at the university University of Marburg: If you want to know if you want to read a German university or academic preparation courses of the universities it is a great opportunity for you. German also has preparatory courses at the Philipps University in Marburg. First, you should contact responsible for dealing with the university's foreign students. If you obtain a positive result will be a paper saying you can receive free training. (The fee per set normal Stuf 700 € 450 € DSH) Then you will enter the placement test. However, the university provides training courses from A2. That is seen as a basic training course you can not go if you are A1 level. You need to take care of at least A1 for him. At Marburg University Stufe 1 Stufe 2 Stufe 3, 4 and DSH's Stuf Stuf is. In total, this process lasts 35 weeks. Stufe 1, 2, 3, Each of the four exchange takes 6 weeks. The DSH Stuf takes 11 weeks and then you go into DSH. If you pass this exam, you can begin training at the university. In short, you are already solved C1 at the end of the course. However, according to more advanced levels of integration in university courses. even after it has finished your likelihood A2's basic level of integration. Stufa is equivalent to a fraction of 1 up and down A2.1 and A2.2'N the integration course. This course lasts 6 weeks. Stufe 2 includes a portion of the subject A2.2 and B1. This course lasts 6 weeks. 3. B1 Stuf you finish the entire 6 weeks. After this course it is now further intensifying parts. Stuf 4 contains B2 issues. Other courses such as 6 weeks progress. The DSH Stuf is longer than other courses. C1 threads are processed in the course of 11 weeks. At the end of each set with the exam. The important thing is to pass this exam. Only you have the right one again. Otherwise it is breaking scholarship. You need to pay to continue. Setup is not as easy as leaving examinations integration exams. It consists of 4 parts: listening, reading, writing and speaking. In addition, you do not do your homework on the course or permanently given to you if you are late to class Integra scholarship program can be discontinued. DOCTORATE ** The PhD is a completely individual process applications. As each university entrance exam in Turkey are making purchases based on a certain number of places where open or ranking to do. Select the area you want to select primarily a person who wants to do a PhD and a doctor said he needed to communicate via e-mail to the teacher who has worked on this issue. If you are interested in the subject teacher if they will give you deadlines. This appointment must go through a very serious preparation. Your detailed curriculum vitae, a 3-5 page summary about the topic you want to work on as well as your motivation letter will be to your advantage to keep working with you. The presence of a teacher who agrees to be your mentor during the PhD is the most important stage. The teacher can already take care of itself after that. In fact, between 1000 and 4000 (generally 1500) will find scholarships. Your consultant is important is to accept that any professor.

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