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Integration Commission, rights and freedoms taken away, many things they have lost, to a new society and a new cultural environment to live in IHRF remaining valuable member;

They ensure their development by giving shape to a new society in which they live and have without departing from the essence of spiritual values, the common language of German society, aims to make the adoption of guidance for the implementation of law and common values.

Integration of the commission carries out its activities in accordance with these purposes. These activities include:

  1. He became a member of ıhrf'y newly arrived in Germany where people know the city in the first place, helping to inform behalf for official transactions.
  2. Members conduct studies of language learning processes to be more efficient and productive. work can be done before the integration course, issues to be considered during the integration course selection and courses, German resource sharing on learning, language Investigation of opportunities to practice and perform studies for the establishment of such facilities.
  3. recognition of previous education and diploma of our members, choice of profession, Ausbildung opportunities related research, information and guidance to work.
  4. According to members of the profession; In Germany the corresponding professional organizations, associations, directing them to their chambers.
  5. in order to ensure social cohesion value given the importance of telling the German community, to inform members about important days and weeks.
  6. Socio-economic as members to assist future planning.
  7. to organize seminars for social integration.
  8. in a short time to adapt to the new society of members to steer the civil society organizations.