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Education Commission, the member IHRF starting a new life in Germany and to provide guidance on issues related to the education and teaching of children is a commission established to make knowledge and experience sharing.

Makes the following activities to achieve the Education Commission aims:

1-German Education System

Members of makes working for Germany to have a general knowledge about the education system. It organizes information seminars for this. Knowledge and experience meet with members of the owner contacts the person.

2 Pre-school, Primary Education, Secondary Education Schools Selection, Enrollment and Business and Operations Guidance

Recognition of prior education of children of members, selection of appropriate schools, conducted a study of records and guidance. It allows members to assist in all phases of collaboration with the local volunteers with experience.

3-University Entrance System

Recognition of previous education of children of members, makes information and guidance activities for college entrance and career choice.

4- Students and Adult Social Activities

All education faculty member for planning their activities and organize information forms and questionnaires for the parents. events organized, who according to age groups and interests. This makes sense in cooperation with local municipalities and other NGOs. Members of the local education and development locations (Nachbarschaftshaus are Sprachclub are Bibliothek etc.) Directs. Education Consultant with the Association of Local cooperate to guide work.

5-Q & Pool

Question-Answer that creates a shared pool of the problems and solutions related to education. This information is shared in IHRF website.

6-R & D Work

Development of training and guidance activities and does workshops and brainstorming meetings for alternative work. studies to evaluate the accumulation of a member by refugees from around the world are doing. Information sharing experiences and generate new ideas and projects are encouraged.