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Balances in Germany

Balances in Germany

Mar 04, 2018

DEGREE Equivalency

equivalence subject in Germany actually contains too much detail. The lack of significant differences in our education system on the basis of this, and despite the softening in Germany's equivalent in time -so is in an attitude that can be called hala- solid.

Documents required for Accreditation process:

  • 1) University of diplomacy copy (certified by a notary of beglaubigt)
  • 2) the transcript copy (the notarized begalubigt)
  • 3) High School diplomacy copy (certified by a notary of beglaubigt)
  • 4) A photocopy of Identity
  • 5) The application form (available from the following link:



All of these documents (Graurheindorfer str. 157 53117 BONN) postalıyos to your address. They then € 200 yatiriyos they send you the account number. Process takes approximately 2 to 3 months. If you read through the chapter here in Turkey ONE B compliant if you are given equivalence. For example; Faculty of Engineering is possible to get a direct equivalence for graduates.

If you have made differences in orientation. (Through courses such as participation in getting to college or certificate program ..) Psychology in Germany or many sections as part of the training period of 5 years in the Faculty of Education. So it is not enough 4-year training course is required to be completed and in Turkey. After ensuring that language proficiency (C1 certificate) corresponding to 1 or 2 years. For example; elected to a second branch of the Faculty of Education is required to complete the remaining courses for the industry.)

NOTE: it is important to give their graduate or have done all the paperwork of people who have made a double major. Because a person who graduated from training in Germany is considered to have made a 5-year Master. Thus, Turkey has made in the Master or person without having to complete a double major lessons have made is possible to take a direct equivalence.

NOTE: Jobcenter for admission areas equivalence process for people who apply for asylum, Agentur für areas for refusal can be made out Arbeiter. Even with an application fee of 200 Euros is met transcripts and diploma-translations are done. Language level as people who have come to the A2-B1 level will be needed at Jopcent for- insofar informs diploma equivalency and for self-help. However, if such a step be taken directly to persons it may be present in the request.

NOTE: not made more than once in different application areas equivalent to the same degree. It may transition between sections. Differences may want to change course at this stage opportunities while areas may take up to almost 2 years. We recommend that you do not rush to make the accreditation applications and therefore your thinking a little more.


The method is equivalent to differ Faculty of Law. First Faculty of Law in Germany 5 years. The second and most important difference because of differences in the legal systems courses is a bit much. For example; Get in Turkey "Constitutional Law General Provisions" of course counted; "The Turkish Constitutional Law" course does not count. Instead, "the German Constitutional Law" taking the course are required. When considered in this way must be re-almost all of the main course. In addition, the State Examination to be graduating from the Faculty of Law in Germany (Staatsexamen) needs to pass. 2 times recognized the right to be entered on the pass this exam later said that it is almost impossible with a learned German. All balances can take a person can do them. In practice, it is almost a case as I read again. Instead, for those who graduated from the Faculty of Law LLM abroad, it has a Master program lasting 1-2 years. Once the language requirement is satisfied, the master of the programs made in civil service or work as a consultant in international companies are seen more sense in the first place.

In jobs related to your field that you receive training allows you to take equivalence in Germany offers job search.

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