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Turkey's democracy in recent years, caused by a move away from the line to avoid the victimization and torture of environment, Thueringen Initiative for Dialog and Integration (THIDI)  is an initiative formed to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals who have come together on immigration to Germany. Our members from other countries, including Turkey mainly consist of the incoming person.

In Thueringen it has been operating since March 1, 2018.


  • from public institutions and organizations in Germany, civil society organizations, with the support of our members volunteer to help the integration in a short time in Germany.
  • To produce solutions to the legal problems encountered.
  • The living do, studies to publicize grievances.
  • Members of the professional qualification requirements and make disclosures about business opportunities in Germany.
  • School-age children to work for the challenges they face related to the educational process and to inform families about Germany's education system.
  • the activities carried out to inform our members about the German language training to individuals in the shortest possible time to organize work in order to learn German.
  • of other communities facing similar issues as a group to try to understand the problems of living in victimization.

Short Term Projects

  • Grievances related to open exhibition of children adult offender pictures to tell the public.
  • Doctor of workshops related to equivalence and working conditions in Germany.
  • with civil society organizations and associations at the local cultural and social activities to plan.
  • edit orgnizasyon to reduce the stress of the trauma experienced by the people (picnics, excursions, etc.).
  • The members of our residence permit to produce the project to facilitate finding the house (in agreement with the company, a real estate).
  • Giessen in social and cultural activities to be done to meet the specific period to set the venue.
  • Initiative to enrich our internet website
  • To make cooperation agreement with existing associations in each of their regions
  • Our friend who lives in Greece and Turkey grievances and make tangible projects in collaboration with existing associations in order to provide moral support.